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Filled to bursting with zillions of reviews from the critical minds of the alternative press, the Film Vault aims to be the Web's best resource for film reading -- whether you're a cinephile or just looking for a good video to rent.

Suggested Links
What makes the Film Vault so addictive is the way it's organized. Our algorithms search through the Film Vault's huge database and link you to similar films based on genre, director, and many other criteria.

User Voting
Voting areas provide you with statistics on a film's public reaction and suggest other films with similar rankings. The more you vote, the smarter the Film Vault gets, so vote.

The Film Vault's interface is one of its strongest features. It allows reviews to be sorted by genre, director, and much more. If your browser supports frames and JavaScript, choose the "Bionic" door; otherwise choose "Humble." Not sure? Just choose "Bionic" and we'll let you know if your browser makes the cut.

Who Dug This Vault?
The Film Vault is brought to you by DesertNet as a companion to the national alternative newsweekly supersite Weekly Wire. Both sites are powered by Dispatch Automated Publishing Solutions.

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