Demons 2

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DIRECTED BY: Lamberto Bava

REVIEWED: 05-07-97

For years I've been hearing people gripe about this flick not being as good as the original, but, until now, I hadn't seen either one and so didn't really give a shit. However, I finally found the good sense to watch, and I gotta say, if Demons 2 isn't as good as No. 1, fetch me up a copy of that first one, 'cause I just about bloodied my nose watching this thing! First off, it's Italian, and you know how dear I hold the films of my spaghetti-bending brothers. Secondly, it was produced by the great Dario Argento and directed by Lamberto Bava, son of Grand Master of Italian horror Mario (Danger: Diabolik!) Bava! The flick is set in a fancypants highrise apartment building where a new-wavy party rages and musclefolks work out incessantly. Some kids watch a movie about teenagers finding remains from the demon outbreak in the first movie, and before you know it, a skinny demon pops outta the TV and munches the girl who later played the wardrobe mistress in Argento's classic Opera. She mutates and cuts loose in the middle of her own party, creating more demons, and soon the entire building is overrun by monsters, biting faces off and bleeding acid blood. Sure, we've seen it all before, but Cheezus H. Rice is it fun to watch. A demon kid chases a pregnant woman around her apartment, a demon dog goes on a chomp-fest and a cheesy little puppet monster hisses and spits its way through a mess o' flesh--plus, there's an appearance by Asia Argento, future star of The Stendhal Syndrome, who stares on in psyche-scarring silence as her parents get et up! See it! (Imperial)

--Scott Phillips

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