The Flesh Eaters

Weekly Alibi

DIRECTED BY: Jack Curtis

REVIEWED: 08-04-97

This one features a whole 'nother kind of flesh-eater, and it's one of my all-time favorites. The flick opens with a saucy, early-'60s bikini babe soaking up the rays on a small boat. When her rambunctious boyfriend accidentally yanks her top off, she leaps into the water. Loverboy follows, jumping in but never resurfacing. Soon, a cloud of blood appears around the girl--and then bad things happen! Elsewhere, a wise-ass alcoholic actress and her lovely assistant charter a plane flown by tough guy Grant Murdock. Forced down on a small island during a storm, they meet up with a mysterious scientist (who might as well have the word "Nazi" tattooed across his forehead). The egghead plays nice, but we quickly discover that he's conducting secret experiments with little glowing sea creatures who love to devour people (or, as Murdock puts it: "There are creatures in that water that eat flesh! I said eat flesh!"), and his uninvited guests will provide plenty of guinea pig action. It all sounds very simple, but I tell ya, this one has it all--manly posturing; sexploitation-style women featuring big ol' '60s bee-hinds in tight skirts; creepy little monsters; drinking and smoking, and best of all, Ray Tudor as Omar the beatnik. When he sees a victim of the flesheaters, Omar says "Hey! What makes 'em do it? You think they want the world to hate 'em? They wanna be punished because of some guilt complex? Hey--you think maybe they just kooky?" Man, is this one cool. (Monterey)

--Scott Phillips

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