Friday the 13th, Part 4: The Final Chapter

Weekly Alibi

DIRECTED BY: Joseph Zito

REVIEWED: 09-29-97

Director Joseph Zito (The Prowler) brings us the finest Friday yet (damning with faint praise, I know). It sure is funny to see that "Final Chapter" subtitle wedged on the video shelf with five more Friday flicks trailing after it, but this one understandably made some money, and, as long as there's a cash cow to be milked, you know there's gonna be a producer with his ass on that stool. Once again, the running time is padded with footage from the previous installments, then we get rolling as Jason's seemingly lifeless body is hauled into the morgue. The attendant, immersed in "The 20-Minute Workout" (the greatest exercise show of all time), is startled when Jason gets off the slab and nearly tears the health-conscious fellow's head off. After playing slaughterhouse with a prick-teasing nurse, Jason heads for his old stomping grounds, scoring bonus points along the way by ridding the world of a fat hippie chick. Then we're introduced to the Jarvis family: lonely, middle-aged Mom, busty and virginal Trish--don't worry, she won't get naked (but she did in Massacre at Central High)--and wannabe makeup effects guy Tommy, played by li'l Corey Feldman. And they're the lovin'est family ever! Their peaceful, country lifestyle is only slightly disturbed when a plethora of horny teens move into the house across the way for the weekend. Corey digs peeping at The Girl With The Reputation, while Mom frets and Trish is merely amused. The teens, including Crispin Glover (the first person to actually commit acting in a Friday flick) and a horrible Loverboy-lookin' guy, meet up with--gasp!--two slutty twins in Flashdance sweatshirts, and the whole gaggle of goobers goes skinny-dipping! That night, the teens party down as the slutty twins shotgun beer, and Crispin Glover performs a seizure-like dance (alone worth the rental) to a cock-rockin' tune. Soon, the entrails are spilling in copious amounts as Jason goes to work. Amazingly gory thanks to the return of Tom Savini, this Friday delivers the groceries on all counts--if you can stomach the sight of a bald-headed Corey Feldman rabidly wielding a machete as he attempts to save the day. Rent! Rent! (Paramount)

--Scott Phillips

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