The Ghoul

Weekly Alibi

DIRECTED BY: T. Hayes Hunter

REVIEWED: 04-09-97

Boris Karloff made his British film debut (having already starred in Frankenstein over here) playing an evil professor (aren't they all?) in this more-funny-than-scary horror flick (it was actually remade as a comedy later on). A mysterious Arab seeks "the Eternal Light," a jewel stolen from his people. He discovers that Karloff, on his deathbed (and looking like hell) possesses the jewel. Y'see, Karloff believes that if the jewel is bound into his hand before he's entombed, he'll rise from the grave and live forever. After Karloff croaks and is planted in the family tomb, the jewel is stolen from his hand. The Arab and several other people (including Ralph Richardson as a priest) end up in Karloff's creepy old house the night he's planning to return from the dead. Merry mix-ups ensue, and when Karloff claws his way from the coffin looking like his breakfast cereal exploded in his face, the spookiness goes wild. This restored print (unfortunately still in pretty bad shape, but treasured nonetheless) was discovered in the government archives in Prague, of all places. Not one of Karloff's best but definitely a must-see for fans of classic horror flicks (and brother, that better be you). (Evergreen Entertainment)

--Scott Phillips

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