House of Dark Shadows

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REVIEWED: 08-28-96

I'm not a "Dark Shadows" fan, but my pal Pat convinced me to watch this flick, one of two based on the TV series (the other being Night of Dark Shadows). House has one thing the series never had--pacing. While searching for "the lost jewels," Willy Loomis, village weirdo, unleashes vampire Barnaba Collins (who kinda looks like the fifth Beatle). Collins is one uncaring, throat-ripping sonofabitch until he stumbles across Maggie, whom he believes is the reincarnation of his long-lost sweetie. Meanwhile, Julia Hoffman, a doctor with the hots for Barnabas, discovers his secret and sets out to cure his vampirism. Barnabas proceeds to have a great time with Maggie, much to Julia's chagrin. Her jealousy gets the best of her, and she spikes Barnabas' serum. Before you can say "Brought to you by Tide," Barnabas is on a rampage, the landscape is crawling with blood-suckers, and it's up to one man with a crossbow to set things right. I dug it. (MGM/UA Home Video, 1970)

--Scott Phillips

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