Invasion of the Flesh Hunters

Weekly Alibi

DIRECTED BY: Antonio Margheriti

REVIEWED: 05-11-98

What the hell, let's make it an Anthony M. Dawson double-feature--but while Death Rage is just so-so, this one is fookin' great, as the Irish might say. The flick opens during the Vietnam War, where Green Beret (and "Videodrome" fave) John Saxon leads his commando squad on a mission to rescue some POWs. As our boys kick ass on Charlie, one of the bad guys falls into the pit where the prisoners are held--and is promptly devoured by the hapless G.I.s! As Saxon moves to help the fellas outta the hole, he gets chomped himself. Jumping forward, we find the Sax living with his wife in Atlanta, where, oddly enough, those flesh-eating ex-P.O.W.s are locked up in the nervous hospital. One of them, named Charles Bukowski (!), is released and wants to meet Saxon for a few beers. Sax has his hands full thwarting the advances of the teenage trollop from next door and begs off, much to his old pal's chagrin. Bukowski heads to the movies, where he watches a greasy chump maul his bimbo squeeze all over the seats in front of him. Unable to stand it any longer, Bukowski takes a bite outta the gal's neck and escapes to a nearby flea market, where he grabs a shotgun and starts killin'. Once he's been nabbed, the cops realize he was eating his victims. Y'see, somehow these POWs were infected with a cannibal virus, which they then spread by sinking their choppers into innocent folks--and the Sax is startin' to feel the old bloodlust! With the help of an infected doctor, Sax busts his pals outta the hospital and the cannibal gang heads for the sewers and a final showdown with the cops. But our boy Antonio doesn't stop there--he manages to throw in a twist ending, a tender finale and another twist ending! Pretty damn cool. (Vestron)

--Scott Phillips

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