Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

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REVIEWED: 01-26-98

I had high hopes for this flick when, immediately after the opening credits, a bosomy gal gets naked and scampers across the street for no reason whatsoever, her big ol' boobs jukin' and jivin,' but the damn thing let me down anyway. The adventure begins with hippie-guy George setting out on a business trip, but his plans are sidetracked when a young lovely backs over his motorcycle at a gas station. Insisting that she give him a lift, he soon finds himself on his way to visit the young lovely's junkie sister. When they get lost, George goes off to ask directions of some fellows who are testing an experimental device that kills insects and parasites with "ultrasonic radiation." Now, anybody with half a brain knows something like that is gonna make the dead walk, and sure enough, the young lovely soon finds herself pursued by a hungry zombie. However, nobody believes her story, and the zombie shambles off to kill the junkie sister's husband. Before you can say "Book 'im, Danno," the junkie is arrested for the brutal murder, and we find ourselves embroiled in a terrifically uninteresting murder mystery (since there's no actual mystery, as far as we're concerned) which left me pining for the flow of blood from freshly-chewed wounds. Things perk up for a moment when a strangely aggressive newborn baby pokes a nurse's eye out, but by the time any real zombie action ensues, Emily and I both felt like we'd been watching the flick for 17 hours. We never see more than a few zombies; and although they wheeze more than any walking corpse I've ever seen, they really don't do much else. This movie has a pretty good rep amongst fans of Italian gut-munchers, but too much lame murder mystery and not enough flesh-eating makes for an unsatisfying viewing experience, in my book. (Luminous)

--Scott Phillips

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