Night of the Bloody Apes

Weekly Alibi

DIRECTED BY: René Cardona

REVIEWED: 06-06-97

Apes? Did you say apes? The incredible Rene Cardona brings us this Mexican wonder featuring more whacked-out shit than you can shake a Japanese snow-monkey at, and believe me, I tried. Female masked wrestler Lucy (who looks like the devil) beats the stuffing out of an opponent, finally hurling her from the squared circle and knocking her cold. Although Lucy's Henry Silva-looking cop boyfriend tries to convince her that it's all part of the show, Lucy can no longer handle the stress of ass-kicking. Meanwhile, a mad scientist attempts to cure his son's leukemia by transplanting a gorilla heart into the lad (ordering his flunky to "prepare the gorilla!"). This of course causes the boy to turn into a big stinky man-ape who immediately goes on the rampage, tearing clothes off women and faces off men (upon examining one of the corpses, the coroner says "Boy oh boy--this one's been murdered"). You're not gonna find entertainment like this anywhere else, pal--we've got eye gougings, scalpings, decapitations (all rendered in loving close-up), scampering naked women and a Mexican cop with an Irish accent (y'gotta love that atrocious dubbing). Biggest laugh? When Henry Silva-guy tells the chief of police he thinks the murderer is some sort of man-beast, the chief sez,"It's more probable that of late, more and more you're watching on your television ... many of those pictures of terror." Rent it now. (Something Weird Video)

--Scott Phillips

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