Weekly Alibi

DIRECTED BY: Marni Castle

REVIEWED: 02-09-98

Holy cats, is this one hell of a sexploitation flick! Marni Castle does double-duty as Brenda, a rich businesswoman, and Big Shim, "the bitchiest dyke in the world." Brenda has a big tacky house (you've gotta see the couch) and a high-profile job, but she also has Tony, a "kept man" she can't let anyone find out about. Big Shim is a rough-and-tumble bull dyke with an all-girl gang, only one of whom seems to dig girls--and we get to watch a painfully long scene wherein this skanky blonde fondles her freakishly protuberant pseudo-boobs while Shim literally slobbers and licks her chops. Man, what is it with those prehistoric breast implants, anyway? These horribly-scarred, gravity-defying space knockers stand up like heaping scoops of ice cream with angry cherries on top, looking as if they're gonna explode at any moment. The rest of Shim's gang whine to Shim about "needing a man," so she tracks down "that stud Tony" at Brenda's house and tells him to get his ass on down to the hideout and make with the wiener action for her anxious gals. However, once Tony is on his way, Shim decides to kidnap the poor sap and make Brenda pay the long green for his release--otherwise, everyone finds out about her little gigolo. Brenda calls in Sweety East, girl detective (the coolest woman I've ever seen), who sets out to solve the case. The whole thing looks like a John Waters fever dream, and that's high praise indeed. Shim catches Tony in the sack with her main squeeze and puts a cigarette out in his belly-button. Later, as Shim's scheme starts to unravel and Sweety moves in, Shim forces her gals to dress Tony in women's underwear and hang him from the ceiling so they can whip him! Some of the incredibly goofy, wallerin' sex scenes suffer from that "pad the running time" feel, but what with all the funky underwear, hairstyles and furniture on display, you'll never have to lean on the fast-forward button. She-Mob's now my all-time favorite sexploiter and a definite must-see. (Something Weird)

--Scott Phillips

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