Weekly Alibi

DIRECTED BY: Salome Breziner

REVIEWED: 06-06-97

Fairuza Balk plays Doris, who's been waiting her whole life for her long-lost cab-driver father to return home. Her boyfriend, Jack (Lenny Von Dohlen), is a tollbooth attendant who wants to be a cop and is conducting his own investigation into the whereabouts of Doris' dad. His pal Dash, bait shop owner/fishing expert, is slipping Doris the rod (as it were) whenever Jack's back is turned. Jack's dreams of marrying Doris and being a Miami cop get sidetracked when he stumbles across her father, accidentally killing him in the process. This flick is screwy as hell, I'm here to tell you. I think if it hadn't been so goofy in places, it would've been really good, but even so, I liked it. And I feel a little confused, so I'm just gonna take a minute here to talk about Fairuza Balk. I know I tend to dwell on this stuff, but Jeez-o-Pete is she somethin'. She spends a good amount of time pumping gas while wearing cutoffs and boots, those big ol' eyes of hers staring longingly into the Florida heat. Makes my heart hurt. I actually have the poster for The Craft framed in my apartment, so you know I'm a dork for this girl. I realize how stupid that makes me, but lemme have this one thing, OK? [Film Editor's Note: Sorry, Scott. But you'll have to indian wrestle me for her.] (New Line Home Video)

--Scott Phillips

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