Waiting for Guffman

Weekly Alibi

DIRECTED BY: Christopher Guest

REVIEWED: 04-23-97

Comedian Chris Guest and SCTV pal Eugene Levy undertake this semi follow-up to the docu-comedy classic,Spinal Tap. In Guffman, the tiny town of Blaine, Missouri (the Stool Capital of the World) celebrates its "sesquicentennial" by staging a ridiculous musical tribute to the town's founding. Guest plays Corky St. Clair, an outrageously gay (but still closeted) theater buff directing the whole debacle. Making fun of small-town rubes is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, but Guffman is still jam-packed with laughs. Fans of Spinal Tap and anyone with a sense of humor about the world of theater shouldn't miss this one.

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Waiting for Guffman

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Waiting for Guffman
Waiting for Guffman

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