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Austin Chronicle

DIRECTED BY: Kevin Spacey

REVIEWED: 08-04-97

Matt Dillon, Gary Sinise, William Fichtner, Faye Dunaway, Skeet Ulrich, M. Emmet Walsh, Viggo Mortensen, Joe Mantegna.

Kevin Spacey added yet another notch to the growing list of actors-who-wanna-be-directors with this extremely short-lived movie from earlier this year. With recent directorial debuts by Tom Hanks (That Thing You Do!), Matthew Broderick (Infinity), and even Kevin Bacon (Losing Chase) having cast a pall on the idea that actors should do anything other than stand in front of the camera and look pretty, Spacey, who has already proven himself as one of the film world's most gifted actors (The Usual Suspects), shows that he's really a more-than-passable director. Thanks largely to newcomer Christian Forte's clever script, Spacey makes interesting work out of an otherwise overdone situation (cops surround bad guys in a bar with one exit). He also gets a chance to explore some interesting camerawork within these obvious confines, all without coming off as a heavy-handed egomaniac like some who have tried this stunt before (you know who I mean). And while Spacey isn't going to win any awards this time around, at least he proves he's someone to watch -- and not just in front of the lens.

--Christopher Null

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