Blue Sunshine

Austin Chronicle

DIRECTED BY: Jeff Lieberman

REVIEWED: 08-17-98

The pre-Reagan era Blue Sunshine (D: Jeff Lieberman, 1978; with Zalman King, Deborah Winters, Robert Walden) is an anti-drug screed that finds a group of Sixties hippie-dippies who grew up and got real lives; only problem is, they're having deadly flashbacks from their fave flavor of lysergic, the titular Blue Sunshine. Suddenly all their hair falls out, they holler "HOOOAAARRRGGGHHH!!!" and murder whoever happens to be close at hand. I don't know what's scarier, the chrome-domed killers at work, or seeing how they transformed from mellow-haired granola eaters of the Turned-On Generation into earth-toned earth-shoed turtlenecked career-mad Seventies proto-yuppie life forms. It's an anti-drug movie, a horror film, a thriller, a ... oh, who the hell cares, anyway? It stinks, but don't let that (or the studly presence of Seventies über-dude King) stop you from watching it as a Saturday-night six-pack and microwave-popcorn howler.

--Jerry Renshaw

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