Eat My Dust

Austin Chronicle

DIRECTED BY: Charles B. Griffith

REVIEWED: 07-13-98

Before he lost his hair, Ron "Opie Cunningham" Howard starred in this saga of a sheriff's son who steals the best stock cars off of a race track and takes his girlfriend for a joyride. Naturally, mayhem ensues. Paul Bartel handled the screenplay and shows up a time or two in the movie. In a way, it's an archetypal car-chase flick, with next to no plot and a lot of cars flying through the air, engines roaring, tires roasting, sheetmetal bending. The only problem is it seems like it could be set in Tennessee or Alabama rather than California. Viewing suggestion: Gather your friends with a bottle of Maker's Mark and suggest a drinking game; everyone do a shot every time you spot a boom mike. Just be ready to call a cab for your bourbon-sodden friends at the end of the night, 'cause you'll knock the hell outta that bottle.

--Jerry Renshaw

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