In the Company of Men

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REVIEWED: 05-11-98

Aaron Eckhart and Matt Malloy letting it all hang out in In The Company of Men.

Turning the tables on political correctness, affirmative action, and, especially, the feminist movement never seemed so fun! In the Company of Men, director LaBute's low-budget stroke of brilliance, was all but shunned by the mainstream during its release last year, but it found a warm and fuzzy spot in the hearts of critics. You better believe it: In the Company of Men teaches you that everything you know is wrong and slaps you in the face for enjoying the ride. This phenomenal gem is, on the surface, a simple tale about two jilted male co-workers, who, on a six-week-long business trip, decide to take revenge on all the females of the species by jointly finding a "corn-fed" wallflower, making her feel like she's a beauty queen, then dumping her like a sack of bricks ó hard. Chad (Eckhart) is the smooth and devious one, and it's the role of a lifetime. Howard (Malloy) is a lovable Winnie the Pooh type who gets swept up in the scheme. Together, they're devastating... until "the game" ends up having unpredictable effects on the both of them, as well as Christine (Edwards), their deaf and unsuspecting victim. Unpredictable and wholly unique, In the Company of Men is a powerful experience. Take my advice, and watch it with someone you love.

--Christopher Null

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In the Company of Men
In the Company of Men
In the Company of Men
In the Company of Men
In the Company of Men

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In the Company of Men
In the Company of Men

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