The Naked Kiss

Austin Chronicle

DIRECTED BY: Samuel Fuller

REVIEWED: 07-27-98

Constance Towers plays Kelly, a hooker who gives up the life of a prostitute to start anew in a small town. Redemption is a hard road, however, when she discovers a world of hypocrisy and perversion in her new surroundings. Her new life starts as the local cop propositions her and then becomes her last trick. She gets a job at the local hospital working with disabled kids, flogs the daylights out of the madam at the local brothel, and falls in love with a pillar of the community. Her lover, however, turns out to harbor even darker secrets; in outrage, Kelly brains him with a telephone receiver and winds up in big trouble. The Naked Kiss finds Sam Fuller's tabloid sensibilities boiling to the surface, as it dwells on the uncomfortable and taboo subjects of deviancy, prostitution, and small-town sanctimony. In typical Fuller style, it's a hard look at a nightmarish world, lurid and absorbing enough to demand that the viewer watch. It's part melodrama, part sensationalism, and part surreal, but above all it's absolutely, positively 100% Sam Fuller, with all the nuance and subtlety of a swift kick in the butt.

--Jerry Renshaw

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