Truck Stop Women

Austin Chronicle

DIRECTED BY: Mark L. Lester

REVIEWED: 07-13-98

A bevy of gear-jammin' bombshells run their own little ol' smuggling and prostitution ring out of a truckstop and kick the stuffings out of any man who dares to interfere. The Mob decides they want a piece of the action and won't take no for an answer, so it's all-out war between the gals and the goons. A guy gets trampled in a trailer full of cattle, an 18-wheeler goes off of a cliff, women (including dead Playmate Claudia Jennings) shoot Thompson guns and a lot of guys get their dicks twisted in knots. It's actually kind of an interesting paradox, because here's a movie aimed at the Southern Pabst-Blue-Ribbon-and-pickup-trucks drive-in market, but it also carries a not-so-subtle feminist subtext. Hey, any movie with music by Big Mack & the Truckstoppers and the jaw-dropping physique of Russ Meyer reg Uschi Digart can't be all bad. The politically astute will remember that Texas senatorial embarrassment and presidential hopeful Phil Gramm got into some trouble in the '96 campaign when it was revealed that he helped line up financing for Truck Stop Women. If only he'd thought to get royalties from video rights.

--Jerry Renshaw

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