The Gates of Hell

The Boston Phoenix

DIRECTED BY: Lucio Fulci

REVIEWED: 06-15-98

The Gates of Hell (1981). Incomprehensible borrowings from H.P. Lovecraft -- the town of Dunwich, the frightening, ancient "Book of Enoch" -- uncomfortably grafted onto a New York-set smart-ass detective mystery. Plus there's an unstuck-in-time priest on a hangrope who pops into the movie whenever, always causing havoc. It's all dumb and incoherent, but with two unforgettable nightmare scenes. In the first, the priest gives a young woman in a car a hypnotic evil eye, until her own bloodied eyes pop out of their sockets and she vomits up her intestinal tract. The second is on a par with Hitchcock: a man standing in a green cemetery on a beautiful day hears, perhaps, some dim, faraway noises. Cut to inside a blue-lit grave, where a buried-alive woman is scratching away at her tomb, screaming up into the dirt.

--Gerald Peary

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