The House by the Cemetery

The Boston Phoenix

DIRECTED BY: Lucio Fulci

REVIEWED: 06-15-98

The House by the Cemetery (1982). Roman interiors, Massachusetts exteriors. A professor rents a 19th-century house and puts his wife and child there while he does research. Unfortunately, he didn't see the prologue to this movie, where in this very same Victorian abode a nice young lady gets a knife through the back of her head (it protrudes through her mouth) and it's revealed that a certain Dr. Freudstein once resided there, a man with "a penchant for illegal experiments." The film has nice spooky music, but it's a rather primitive picture, with Fulci showing little more than a talent for gruesome knifings. The wife hires people she shouldn't, like a walking-dead babysitter for her boy. There's a fairly chilling ending involving a zombie infested with maggots.

--Gerald Peary

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