Gone With the Wind

Newcity Chicago

DIRECTED BY: Victor Fleming

REVIEWED: 06-29-98

The million-dollar restoration of David O. Selznick's 222 minutes of the South in flames and a woman's cold heart and ruthless self-preservation. Pretty amazing when you consider people can't make a sturdy story anymore like the single shot that burst from Margaret Mitchell's bodice. Watching "GWTW" recently, Hattie McDaniel's long-suffering Mammy made an indelible impression. She's given scenes as dialogue that took up pages of the book - note her monologue on the staircase explaining the events after the accident that befalls Rhett and Scarlett's daughter - functional reams of exposition given a remarkable rendition. The restoration includes remastered digital sound, digital refurbishing of more than ten minutes of footage, and the use of Technicolor's dye transfer printing process, not used to strike "GWTW" prints since 1961, and just reintroduced for large-scale releases.

--Ray Pride

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Gone With the Wind
Gone With the Wind
Gone With the Wind

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