The House of Yes

Newcity Chicago

DIRECTED BY: Mark Waters

REVIEWED: 10-27-97

Waters' adaptation of Wendy MacLeod's long-running San Francisco stage hit is still rife with hothouse theatricality, but it boasts one of the most nuanced performances of the year, by Parker Posey. Medicated and no longer completely deluded, she still only answers by the name of her favorite identity: Jackie O. Posey is a sparkler in all her roles, yet in collaboration with Waters and his editors, her Jackie O. can balance between hysteria and calculation in every moment, just shy of twirling into the void. She's obsessed with her namesake, the Kennedy assassination, and all too fond of her twin, Marty (Josh Hamilton). When Marty comes home for Thanksgiving with fiancee Lesly (Tori Spelling) the scene is set, as mom Genevieve Bujold puts it, "I'm going in the kitchen to check on the turkey and hide the knives."

--Ray Pride

The House of Yes
The House of Yes

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The House of Yes
The House of Yes

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The House of Yes
The House of Yes

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