Childhood's End

Nashville Scene

DIRECTED BY: Jeff Lipsky

REVIEWED: 08-03-98

Set in Minneapolis, this is a teen-sex melodrama like no other, portraying a handful of intimately connected high-school grads as they work, screw, make friends, and defy their mothers. In fact, one of them even works on screwing his friend's mother, who also happens to be his own mother's friend. This Mrs. Robinson (Cameron Foord) leads the graduate, Greg (Sam Trammell), on a series of unusually down-to-earth trysts in one post-coital scene, she casually squeezes the zits on the kid's neck, while a hard white light reveals her stretch marks and his shriveled penis. In a more typical teen-pic, Greg would easily hold the center; but writer-director Jeff Lipsky audaciously cedes his film to the older woman's lesbian daughter (Colleen Werthmann) and her new lover, Rebecca (Heather Gottlieb) a shy and heretofore straight girl who'd previously admitted her attraction to Greg. Individual scenes evolve unpredictably and with tremendous daring, as when the girls' tentative first clinch becomes a matter-of-fact, explicit sex scene over the course of one five-minute shot.

--Rob Nelson

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