Mystery Science Theater 3000: Shorts

Nashville Scene


REVIEWED: 10-05-98

Fans of this cult TV series often face a dilemma when trying to initiate neophytes into the show's ironic sublimity: What to show? The slick but clunky big-screen effort? The acknowledged classics Manos: The Hands of Fate or Red Zone Cuba , both of which are tear-inducingly hilarious but suffer from the standard dry spots? Problem solved--buy this collection of short instructional and institutional films. Some of the MST3K gang's most insightful satire of middle-class mores is here: the paranoiac "A Date With Your Family," the cheerfully cruel "Chicken of Tomorrow," the outsider epic "Why Industrial Arts?" My only complaint? There needs to be a volume two with "Mr. B. Natural," "Truck Farming," "X Marks the Spot," etc.

--Noel Murray

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