Nashville Scene

DIRECTED BY: Alan Taylor

REVIEWED: 07-14-97

At long last, Reservoir Dogs delivers the runt of its mangy litter: an indie mongrel that isn't timid about biting the hand that feeds. Set on the scuzzy-looking mean streets of Jersey City, this charming satire follows the efforts of three dimwitted crooks to make one big score after their botched jewel heist yields nothing but a handful of sugar donuts. These beautiful losers wrap stolen meatballs in tissue paper, expound on the virtues of using cap guns, and prepare for their ultimate stickup job by screening the 1950 thriller Armored Car Robbery. As directed by newcomer Alan Taylor, Palookaville's blend of deadpan humor and unexpected sympathy is perfectly measured; and the standout in a strong cast is Vincent Gallo, a highly talented, gorgeously ugly actor who resembles a vampiric cross between Nicolas Cage and, natch, Quentin Tarantino.

--Rob Nelson

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