Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Eric Darnell

REVIEWED: 10-12-98

Remember Woody Allen? Well, he's back--in ant form! Woody plays himself, only with more chitin, in this perverted children's story about an ant who is emotionally unable to support his colony's collective consciousness. He accidentally becomes a war hero, kidnaps a princess, leads a Marxist revolution, and has a fulfilling relationship with his wife's adopted daughter. Well, three out of those four, anyway. I'm not really sure at what audience this movie is aimed, since its "G" rating and the fact that its animated seems to direct it toward kids; but Allen, as Z the Ant, makes comments like "Just for that I'm no longer including you in my wild, erotic fantasies," which I'm not sure is kid stuff. (I haven't been a kid for a while so I could be off-base here). Still, this is the most Woody Allen-like Woody Allen film since Manhattan, so maybe it's for that next generation of self-obsessed neurotic pre-schoolers who've been looking for a voice for their generation. Still, there's something a bit unnerving about this project--do we want Woody Allen attracting underage fans?


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