Arlington Road

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Mark Pellington

REVIEWED: 07-19-99

This is exactly the kind of movie that New York Times critic Janet Maslin (who is probably America's worst movie critic) loves: it has an unchallenging and unoriginal plot that can easily be compared to some pre-existing format ("A Hitchcockian thriller!" "A Parallax View for the '90s!") and features a mediocre, older male actor in romantic scenes with a much younger actress (Maslin loves anything with Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood rubbing their flabby man-flesh against women who are too young to be their granddaughters). Arlington Road is ostensibly about the new wave of American terrorists, but it's less a political thriller than an action film. The ending is pretty good, but as it came after 90 minutes of cinema that sucked hard enough to draw a piano through a straw, it hardly seemed worth the wait.

--James DiGiovanna

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