At First Sight

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Irwin Winkler

REVIEWED: 02-01-99

It's not a romantic comedy, it's not a horror film, it's that mutant that lives somewhere in between. It's in that special place where grown men dress like clowns and mothers form better bonds with their daughters by dying. This time the couple consists of the uncharismatic Virgil (Val Kilmer), a blind man, and Amy (Mira Sorvino), his true love. She finds a miracle cure that allows him to regain his vision, and they hit many obstacles, such as maudlin music, Kilmer's distractingly huge capped teeth, and bad dialogue. ("So this is what beautiful looks like.") But when all is said and done, all those Coca-Cola product placements Virgil can see don't mean a darn thing. Of course not, because the best kind of seeing is not done with the eyes, but with the heart. Please, take my word for it and stay away from this genre-bending freak show.


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At First Sight

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