Carried Away

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Bruno Barreto

REVIEWED: 08-15-96

Dennis Hopper, Amy Irving and Amy Locane star in this uncomfortable, small town love story directed by Bruno Barreto. Joseph Svendon (Hopper) is a 47-year-old bachelor who succumbs to the temptations of a 17-year-old vixen from the Big City (Locane). The lurid premise of a vibrant young beauty seducing her bored, befuddled, middle-aged school teacher is truly disturbing: The young girl is portrayed alternately as an adoring innocent and a nympho she-devil who preys on a decent, lonely old man trying to negotiate the skids of caring for his dying mother and a budding mid-life crisis. If you can squirm through those scenes, the life-long romance between Svendon and fellow school teacher Rosealee Hensen (Irving) has some truly tender moments. In spite of its dream-on male fantasy quotient, Carried Away seems more of a real-life love story than the rest of the Hollywood romance pabulum we've seen this year. With its nostalgic feel and any-town setting (it's filmed entirely in Texas, but you'd never guess) it's an odd, incongruent little movie you'll either love or hate.

--Mari Wadsworth

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