Con Air

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REVIEWED: 06-19-97

(Senior editor Jim Nintzel was recently suffering from a neurological disorder, so he asked his 12-year-old nephew Michael Peel to fill on this capsule review. Take it away, Mikey!) Nicolas Cage stars as Cameron Poe, an Army Ranger sentenced to several years behind bars for killing a Southern bar lout who harassed his pregnant wife. On his way home following his parole, Poe hitches a ride on a U.S. Marshall's plane filled with the most rotten convicts in federal custody. When the convicts escape and hijack the plane, it's Cage to the rescue! Lots of stuff blows up before the plane finally crashes into the Las Vegas strip. While this one's billed as an action-adventure, it's really one of the best comedies released this summer.

--Michael Peel

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