Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Robert Zemeckis

REVIEWED: 07-21-97

Jodie Foster plays an emotionally crippled scientist intent on visiting space aliens in this very long, sentimental, but nonetheless moving science fiction film. Despite that annoying, over-earnest quality Foster brings to all her roles as an adult, she's very good as the driven Ellie Arroway, a researcher so intent on finding solace from the skies that she forgets to notice how many people on earth love her. Matthew McConaughey plays her nemesis/boyfriend, a hunky, non-denominational preacher intent on saving the soul of a nation. There's some silly confusion between God and aliens, and Ellie has an annoying habit of looking at her boyfriend whenever anyone asks her a question, like maybe he's going to answer for her? Please. Nonetheless, the script, based on a story by Carl Sagan, manages to link the themes of scientific curiosity and spiritual longing despite some weak sections, and the special effects are nothing short of wonderful.


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