Cop Land

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: James Mangold

REVIEWED: 09-08-97

A posse of famous Hollywood actors populate this predictable tale of a small town sheriff fighting corruption in the New York City police force. Sylvester Stallone does a decent job playing Sheriff Freddy Heflin, a beer-gutted, not-so-bright lawman with a heart of gold, but it's certainly not a performance to get hot and bothered about. Ray Liotta, Harvey Keitel and Robert DeNiro all make appearances as either good guys or bad guys--there aren't many shades of gray in Cop Land, and as a consequence, somewhere in the middle all this good cop/bad cop stuff loses momentum. Writer/director James Mangold has a fascination with heroes who are total losers, but alas, he reigns it in and goes with the easy outcome.


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Cop Land
Cop Land
Cop Land
Cop Land

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