Deep Rising

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Stephen Sommers

REVIEWED: 02-16-98

I don't know how this movie got past the typical Hollywood dumbing down, but it's actually a half-way decent genre pic. Instead of just setting up a scenario where a group of heavily armed stereotypes blast their way through a swarm of bug eyed monsters, this film actually went to all the trouble of producing a fairly compelling story of intrigue, and even included a couple of sub-plots that were more than just window dressing. Even more odd, when someone does do a little killing, they don't feel obliged to make a stupid wisecrack. Of course, there are still all the standard elements of a thriller, and when things blow up they blow up real good, but there's also some very nuanced acting by Kevin J. O'Connor, and a decent job by the under-rated Treat Williams as the macho lead. While this is by no means Citizen Kane, it's certainly a lot better than the last couple of Alien films, to which it will no doubt be compared.


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Deep Rising
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Deep Rising

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