For Love of the Game

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REVIEWED: 09-27-99

Maybe I've seen so many inept movies recently that I'm now impressed with any film that has an okay story and decent characters; or maybe it's because the concept of true love is as alien and intriguing to me as a world conquered by intelligent monkeys--but I have to admit that this mainstream, feel-good romance is all right. Through numerous flashbacks, it shows us the sad, sputtering relationship between an aging baseball legend (Kevin Costner) and an apprehensive single mother (Kelly Preston). Even though it uses a lot of standard clichés (the injury that leads to a spiritual transformation; the miraculous sports-related triumph over destiny), there's enough character development and solid acting that I could buy into it. Special mention should go to casting director Lynn Kressel, who shepherds some great supporting and cameo roles from John C. Reilly (the curly-haired doofus from Boogie Nights), J.K. Simmons (as the ultra-low-key team manager), and that freaky-looking kid from Gummo. I'm not saying you need to see this movie; but if you do, at least you won't leave the theater feeling like a dupe of the Hollywood turd merchants.

--Greg Petix

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For Love of the Game
For Love of the Game
For Love of the Game

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For Love of the Game

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