Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Sidney Lumet

REVIEWED: 02-01-99

What a great movie: Gena Rowlands, as a fading gangster moll, hooks up with a cute kid who's fleeing the same gangsters. While this Little Miss Marker idea may seem trite, Rowlands overwhelms every scene, completely engaging the viewer with each raised eyebrow and wrinkled lip. John Cassavetes quirky directing doesn't hurt, either, and while this is a much more "mainstream" movie than Cassavetes' earlier work, it still retains his improvisational sensibility and singular camera style. Oh, wait a minute, this isn't that's a lousy remake with Sharon Stone struggling to fill Gena Rowlands shoes and Sydney Lumet's cowardly and conservative directorial style dumbing down the more challenging Cassavetes approach. Damn.


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