The Lion King

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers

REVIEWED: 01-05-95

Dig underneath this colorful, well-animated Disneyspectacle and you'll find some disturbing messages. The lions' dominance over the other animals supports class hierarchies and nepotism, and the banishment of the ethnic-voiced hyenas to the elephant graveyards supports racial segregation. The movie's "circle of life" message is undermined by a hypocritical rationalization of meat-eating, and the male lion's need to return home to set things straight suggests that the female lions are either too weak or too stupid to do it themselves. Inherent moral messages aside, this is still a weak entry forDisney, with unmemorable music and a predictable storyline. Kids love them cute kitties, though.

--Zachary Woodruff

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