Mars Attacks

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REVIEWED: 12-26-96

Evil martians attempt to conquer Earth in Tim Burton's affectionate homage to campy sci-fi movies of the fifties. Iridescent bad guys who say "ack ack" quick-fry flaky earthlings from Las Vegas in a movie eerily reminiscent of this summer's Independence Day, with one major difference: Independence Day was stupid by accident, but Mars Attacks is stupid on purpose! Though occasional flashes of Burton's odd, childlike brilliance break through, this film is fun mostly because of its constant special effects, glittery sets, and those great scenes featuring Sarah Jessica Parker's head stapled to a dog's body. On the down side, Jack Nicholson, in a dual role, is predictably annoying.--S.R.

--Stacey Richter

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Mars Attacks
Mars Attacks

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