Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Michael Almereyda

REVIEWED: 01-11-96

Chain-smoking vampires and disaffected grunge kids get together at last in this stylistically daring but conceptually weak flick. Director Michael Almereyda mixes black and white film with grainy pixelvision footage (shot with a toy camera) in an exuberant, low-budget vision of what it means to be undead. Fans of cheap filmmaking will love spotting the occasional microphone taking a dip into the frame and noting the complete lack of a special effects budget. Nadja tries to make fun of the whole vampire genre and occasionally succeeds. Unfortunately, it also falls prey to the same predictability and pretentiousness it seeks to mock. Elina Lowensohn is lovely as the sultry bloodlapper Nadja, but her lines are so over-the-top insipid that by the end, you'll want to drive a stake through her heart.

--Stacey Richter

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