Night at the Roxbury

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: John Fortenberry

REVIEWED: 10-12-98

Try "night at the torture chamber." First they tried to break me with that damn Haddaway song, then it was the breast montage. But I was strong. I lasted through the way-dumbed-down Swingers plot, lame references to the over-referenced '70s, overused jokes, and the ass montage. Other viewers must be similarly tenacious, because Night has lasted longer in the theaters than It's Pat! (Granted, one day at the box office isn't tough to beat.) Short Doug (Chris Kattan) and tall Steve (Will Ferrell) are the clubbing brothers from Saturday Night Live who (this is the clever part) don't realize how annoying they are. They have a dream and...yawn...achieve it by the film's end. And they get laid (maybe that's the clever part). We're graced with brief appearances by Loni Anderson and Richard Grieco, but they were much too little, too late. What finally broke me was the running time--almost two hours. It's really all about endurance.


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