One Night Stand

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Mike Figgis

REVIEWED: 12-01-97

Mike Figgis, the director of Leaving Las Vegas, brings us another bummer of a love story with One Night Stand. Max (Wesley Snipes) is a sell-out director of TV commercials who has a brief affair with Karen (Nastassja Kinski) on a business trip to New York. When he returns to L.A. he has an epiphany: His life sucks. His wife is annoying. His job is degrading. To top it off, his best friend Charlie (Robert Downey Jr.) is dying of AIDS, and the sight of Charlie's suffering reminds Max that life is brief and death is final. Figgis has a great visual sense, but this movie is filled with silly coincidences and mean-spirited characterizations. Figgis treats Max's marriage and family life with such animosity that it's hard to believe love is possible for this guy at all, even with Nastassja Kinski.


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One Night Stand
One Night Stand
One Night Stand
One Night Stand
One Night Stand
One Night Stand

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One Night Stand

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