The Rainmaker

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Francis Coppola

REVIEWED: 12-01-97

John Grisham's story of a courtroom battle between a fledgling lawyer and a corrupt insurance company may be too slight for the big screen, but (shhh!) don't tell Francis Ford Coppola--he thinks he's directing an epic. He's turned this TV-movie-of-the-week into a two-and-a-half-hour, star-studded opus complete with an irrelevant and equally TV-like sub-plot involving Claire Danes as an abused wife. In spite of its generic underpinnings, however, The Rainmaker is a fine film: The pacing's smooth, the cinematography and Memphis locations lovely, and the performances kick butt. Jon Voight is snaky as ever as a conniving corporate lawyer; and newcomer Johnny Whitworth is well-restrained as a leukemia victim who dies because the insurance company won't honor his claim to get a bone-marrow transplant. Best of all are Mickey Rourke, chewing up the scenery as a shifty lawyer named "Bruiser," and Danny DeVito as Damon's unscrupulous but practical-minded assistant. I usually find DeVito annoying, but he almost steals the show here. Mary Kay Place, Dean Stockwell, Roy Scheider, Danny Glover and the great Teresa Wright also star.


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The Rainmaker
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