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REVIEWED: 11-10-97

After a one night stand that finds his Chinese lover dead and her blood on his shirt, an American lawyer on business in China gets inserted into the Chinese penal and judicial systems. Trapped like a gerbil stuck in an unfamiliar dark maze from which there's no escape, the cocky businessman, played by Richard Gere's stylishly tousled hair, must rely on his wits and his plucky female Chinese lawyer to save his life. The movie's vision of China is like Steve Martin's old stand-up routine on France: everything is different there! The courts aren't like ours, cameras everywhere spy on the populace, and sometimes people with butcher knives chop the heads off chickens! The conspiracy is a recycled one and the characterizations are wafer thin, but fans of Richard Gere's buttocks may find solace in a couple of seconds of his nude backside as he is tossed into a prison cell.


Red Corner

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Red Corner

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Red Corner

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