The Story of Us

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REVIEWED: 10-25-99

Having seen them back to back, I was sure this was the flick oddly directed by slasher king Wes Craven. (Craven's was in fact the other one, Music of the Heart, which is a much better bet for those in search of a feel-good movie about a failed marriage.) Instead, Story of Us revolves around a fear-based plot with lots of hysterical screaming and crying, but its characters are in the hands of director Rob Reiner (who also plays the best-friend role of Stan). If you'll recall such Reiner films as When Harry Met Sally or The Princess Bride, you know a grisly murder or flaming car crash is unlikely to put the weak ones out of their misery. So: Story of Us is that movie starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer in J.Crew sweaters; it has the tagline, "Can marriage survive 15 years of marriage?" A more honest tagline, if I may quote from Alan Zweibel's dialogue, would have been, "When is that point in marriage when a spoon becomes just a spoon?" That point, in other words, when you can't even feign interest or compassion for the characters who appear before you to say things like, "I always thought we'd be okay, we'd be an 'us,' as long as our feet touched under the blankets." Does anyone want to pay $7.50 for a film whose deepest insight is that life is full of illusions, even when you've worked hard to join the upper-middle-class of Southern California? If so, don't miss Story of Us. Pfeiffer and Willis are so unintentionally bad that if Stanley Kubrick were still alive, he'd cast them immediately in his next film.

--Mari Wadsworth

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The Story of Us
The Story of Us

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The Story of Us

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