Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Andrew Bergman

REVIEWED: 07-04-96

Demi Moore peels it off in this plodding, predictable comedy about a mother who takes up stripping in the hopes of earning enough money to finance a custody battle for her daughter. Moore's routines seem forced and overstaged, and in fact she keeps most of her clothing on most of the time even as the supporting cast frolics about topless in the background. Burt Reynolds plays to the balcony in his role as a lecherous senator with a "thing" for tittie bars; in fact, everyone seems to be trying just a little too hard in this movie for it to ever seem engaging or believable. This is a poor bet for comedy; and if it's naked ladies you want, try going down the street to Curves Cabaret and stuffing your seven-fifty into the g-strings of some real single mothers, instead of giving it to filthy rich Moore.

--Stacey Richter

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