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REVIEWED: 11-10-97

Jeb Stuart, the scribe behind such moneymakers as Die Hard and The Fugitive, directed this low-key but reasonably good thriller based on one of his early screenplays. The plot, which leads from Texas to the beautiful, snow-clogged Rocky Mountains, has an FBI agent (Dennis Quaid, sad-eyed and brooding) tracking the serial killer who kidnapped Quaid's son. Action-movie clichés abound, but Switchback has a surprisingly honorable feel to it; all the main characters, even (inexplicably) the villain, are granted heavy doses of sympathy and integrity. Danny Glover and Jared Leto are interesting as an unlikely pair of travelers (one of whom may be the killer); but the best is R. Lee Ermey as a scrupulous sheriff. Ermey, best known as the sergeant in Full Metal Jacket, has been cool in nearly everything he's done.


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