True Crime

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Clint Eastwood

REVIEWED: 03-29-99

Dear Mr. Clint Eastwood: You do not look sexy lounging around half-naked while making bedroom eyes at women young enough to be your granddaughters. Please, please stop it this instant. And this story you directed, where a reporter takes one day to solve a crime that legions of lawyers and police officers have been working on for 20 years, is not only trite but unbelievable. And your turn as the drunken, womanizing reporter whose heart is in the right place has been done before, and better, by William Holden, Kirk Douglas, and about a dozen other actors from the '50s. Only they weren't so cocky as to think that audiences would believe that they were getting in bed with 20-year-olds when they were in their 70s. So just stop before anyone has to see your flabby nipples again.


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True Crime
True Crime

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