Twin Falls Idaho

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Michael Polish

REVIEWED: 09-27-99

This is a good example of the type of independent film that's as routine as anything from the major studios, yet is lauded for its small budget and quirkiness. In this case, the quirk is provided by a strange love story between an unbelievably pretty hooker and the better-half of a pair of Siamese twins. It's not terrible by any means (in fact, the performance by real-life twins Michael and Mark Polish, who also wrote and directed the movie, is outstanding); but there's dialogue in here that would embarrass Forrest Gump, and the story just isn't that interesting. I do recommend you bring a hanky for the scene where the tragic twosome play guitar and harmonize together; it's a tear-jerker!

--Greg Petix

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Twin Falls Idaho
Twin Falls Idaho
Twin Falls Idaho
Twin Falls Idaho
Twin Falls Idaho

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