Ulee's Gold

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: Victor Nuņez

REVIEWED: 07-10-97

This sweet, slow-paced movie about a beekeeper who holds his family together through a period of chaos is uneven but ultimately rewarding. Peter Fonda plays Ulee, an emotionally withdrawn man who must muster all his resources to save his family from mayhem, dissolution, and The Law. Some of the supporting characters aren't quite as well drawn as Ulee, but the story is mostly about him anyway. This quiet movie harbors big themes about the value of labor, the redemptive power of nature, and the daily task of giving love, but doesn't hit you over the head with them. And the bees are cool.

--Stacey Richter

Ulee's Gold

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Ulee's Gold
Ulee's Gold
Ulee's Gold
Ulee's Gold

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