Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: John Carpenter

REVIEWED: 11-09-98

Please benefit from my suffering and don't waste two hours of your life hoping that director John Carpenter's (Halloween, Escape from New York) latest effort will be bad-good rather than bad-offensive. James Woods, showing his wood in particularly tight jeans, and Daniel Baldwin, struggling to stay awake, play vampire slayers who pursue the father of all vampires. Along the way they pick up Sheryl Lee so that Baldwin can take off her clothes, tie her up, call her a bitch, and eventually fall in love, and a priest, so Woods can talk about his penis. Interesting ideas, such as the mixing of the horror genre with the western and viewing vampirism as a virus, surface, but only for about 30 seconds. After that, it's back to Lee's rope burns. If you hate women, this film could be for you, but I still think you'll be tripped up by the bad dialogue, clichéd revenge plot, and hokey music. Oh, and there's some homophobic stuff thrown in for extra flavor.



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