Wild Things

Tucson Weekly

DIRECTED BY: John McNaughton

REVIEWED: 03-30-98

Denise Richards makes her sophomore appearance here, and she is a marvel of modern science. Luckily, she didn't have the star power to demand a "no nude scenes" clause in her contract like box-office draw/no-talent Neve Campbell, so you can really get a good look at all the scalpel marks on her surgically enhanced body. There's also some plain-old lesbian sex between Richards and Campbell, shots of Theresa Russell's butt, and, I think, a plot. It has something to do with a teacher being framed for rape so that he can sue someone and split the proceeds with everyone who's in on the scam, which turns out to be just about everyone in southern Florida. Since there's no suspense or tension, the task of keeping the audience interested is handed over to the barely-legal sex and Bill Murray's comic-relief role as a sleazy lawyer in a phony neck-brace. Murray steals the show, but he's only in a few scenes; and unless you think Kevin Bacon's (admittedly impressive) penis is worth the $7.50 admission, this might not be your best movie value.


Wild Things

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Wild Things
Wild Things

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Wild Things
Wild Things
Wild Things

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